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eToken PRO is a USB-based authenticator that provides strong user authentication and cost-effective password management. With this two-factor authentication token solution, organizations can easily and effectively expand business opportunities by providing secure network access, improve data security through enhanced encryption and digital signing, and reduce costs and vulnerabilities through superior password management.


FIPS 140-2 and 3
Common Criteria EAL4+ (smart card chip)
Tamper-resistant casing


Improves productivity by allowing employees and partners to securely access corporate resources
Enables advanced certificate-based applications such as digital signature and pre-boot authentication
Enables compliance with security and privacy standards (FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria (CC)
Portable USB device: no special reader needed
Simple and easy to use – no training or technical know-how needed
Expand security applications through on-board Java applets
Enhance marketing and branding initiatives with private labelling and color options